Our Offices



Our offices are located in two side-by-side buildings in the Royale Professional Court on Royale Drive in Muncie, Indiana.

1806 W. Royale Dr., Muncie, IN 47304   765-381-4578


The Counseling Center is the first building on the right when you enter the Royal Professional Court parking lot. This is where the majority of the counseling sessions take place, though not all. The following clinicians have their offices in this building:



  • Liberty Noble
  • Jo Aaron
  • Annella Dixon
  • Shari Mathews
  • Judy Hall
  • Julie Burt




The Testing Center is the second building on the right when you enter Royale Professional Court. This is where all of our psychological testing takes place. If you see a psychologist for counseling who also does psychological testing, your counseling sessions will be in this building instead of the Counseling Center. The following clinicians have offices in this building:

  • Alan Maugherman
  • Amber Whited
  • Rachel Gentry
  • Kristin McGovern
  • Jacob Chan
  • Deborah Miller





Our offices are private and comfortable. We also have a play room for therapy with children.